Devoted to football and Bucuresti-designed, the simply astonishing new Craiova Stadium with a 40,000-seat capacity is what will replace the Ion Oblemenco stadium in Romania. The design is a tribute to Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian sculptor, while the highly impressive main roof form was inspired by the work of Brancusi called Miss Pogany.

Craiova Stadium Boosting the Development of the City

The exterior volume gained is expressive during daylight while the enhancement of architectural lighted by night emphasise the design of the building whether it is viewed from close-by as well as from above or even from the centre of the town. The Craiova Stadium is iconic in the city, and it is a modern inclusion boosting the local area development.

The stadium achieves UEFA category IV level, which is the highest of all and it will host matches such as the FRF Romanian Football League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA and FIFA National team matches.

Project Bucuresti

The Craiova Stadium’s playing field of natural grass dimensions is 105m x 68m which is ventilated, heated, drained and irrigated. The seating area is located over two levels, both close to the playing field, which offers spectators both optimum visibility as well as comfortable seats. The VIP skyboxes are placed between the two levels of seating.

The Craiova Stadium’s Design Makes Provisions for All Weather Conditions

The building covers against the elements by enclosing both the spectator seating areas while it also encloses the under-the-stands secondary spaces via a single sculptural a perfect ellipse.

The sculptural form of the roof increases the volume of the main bowl the sculptural form part of the roof opening to the sky, the mechanical ribs wrapped with translucent and transparent materials enhances the lighting of the architectural design.

The Craiova Stadium Provides Protection to All Spectators

The spectators are protected against weather conditions by envelope materials chosen with regards to the adverse weather conditions, yet it still offers the natural light required and allows for the artificial photosynthetic systems.

The Craiova Stadium’s Design Utilizes Sustainable Technologies

The Project Bucuresti proposes an approach with is ecological to the environment, yet sustainable technologies and materials incorporate the green energy sources such as ground source heating or even cooling when needed, photovoltaic cells, and deep well water sources.

Simply Sensational Craiova Stadium

The development of the Craiova sports complex includes keeping the existing indoor multifunction sports hall, which was recently modernized and expanded, while it includes the addition of a new sports centre that will be dedicated to fencing sports built in areas available below the stadium stands the newly added athletics running track.

It offers covered seating for at least 5,000 spectators it is incorporate in the training ground that is used for football. The landscaping is also improved at the complex and offers both a hard and soft landscape plus public parks as well as an exciting pedestrian walkway and efficient parking.