It’s the time of year when international design and architecture exhibits start to unveil new projects to consumers. However, this year will be different than any other for this community with the growing fears towards the coronavirus. It follows after health officials worldwide are beginning to prepare themselves for this global pandemic, with the rate of the infection becoming worse with each passing day. Considering that China is one of the most prominent markets for architecture and design communities, it’s expected that the overwhelming percentage of these events will be terminated.

Three locations have seen significant outbreaks of the coronavirus, with the People’s Republic of China being the largest. Next is South Korea, who have entered similar quarantine protocols like the PRC. The final outbreak location is located in Italy throughout the Northern Lombardy Region. One of the most notable venues cancelled in the Italian Region includes the “Salone Del Mobile”, which is considered the most prominent furniture trade show worldwide.

The Shocking Venues Not Cancelled

The 2020 Milan Fashion Week hasn’t been cancelled, but the event has been forcibly altered in multiple ways. It follows after increasing travel restrictions for international designers, models and consumers. Typically more than two thousand individuals arrive in Milan from the United States for the fashion week, with 2020 having only a select handful coming.

Staff members travelling from known outbreak destinations will be forced into self-quarantine, meaning their projects and clothing lines must be showcased through advertised video. It should be noted that even though Milan hasn’t cancelled their fashion week, both Shanghai and Beijing shut down their respective clothing venues.

Another event that shockingly wasn’t cancelled is the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale, which is slated to begin in May 2020. It was expected that this venue would be terminated with the growing outbreak throughout Italy, with health officials warning the public that the coronavirus will become worse before becoming better.

Cancelled Events

It should be noted that not even organized event in Italy hasn’t been stubborn and refused to shut down. The Venice Carnival was terminated last week after the Veneto Region became the second province in Italy to have the coronavirus outbreak. Now the biggest question looms over well-known events ending from the COVID-19 Virus, with that being the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Sporting analysts believe it’s inevitable.