Products that’ve become synonymous with our standard lifestyles are often hard to reimagine. There are moments where innovators showcase artistic designs that redefine how certain products are used. This became apparent again through Marjan Van Aubel, who showcased her stained glass-styled solar panels at the 2020 Dubai Expo. It’s the 1st time anyone has witnessed this eco-friendly product turned into an artistic necessity for homes.

Marjan Van Aubel manufactured these solar panels with Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is commonly referred to as “PET”. It’s necessarily a lightweight plastic that sustains electromagnetics, which subsequently allows for the solar panel to be generated when daylight is available. These plastics are supported in numerous colours & configurations, enabling for Marjan Van Aubel to create different perspectives with sustainable energy. Knowing that the borderline inconvenient appearance of standard solar panels can be avoided will prompt a large percentage of homeowners to purchase “Marjan Van Aubel SG Panels”.

First, an artist, Marjan Van Aubel, taught herself the inner workings of sustainable technologies. Her extensive research prompted a change in Marjans lifestyle, with the artist engineer claiming sustainable energy will pave the future of home design & modernized art. All of this will be accomplished while protecting & assisting the world with climate change.

May 20th marked the date when Marjan Van Aubel began constructing her SG Panels. Hours after displaying her creation on July 3rd through virtual platforms like Zoom, this artist was approached by the Dutch Biotope Pavilion & asked Marjan to implement her innovation into their “Sustainable Energy Showcase”. It’s known that the roof for this updated Pavilion will support Marjans SG Panels, with a pyramid of flowers located below these energy-generating devices. It should be understood that Marjan Van Aubel has developed various solar panels throughout several years, obtaining skillsets that aren’t rivalled by competing firms.

When Can You See Marjans Panels?

Marjan Van Aubel won’t be permitted to showcase her creations to the public for an additional twelve months. This follows after the 2020 Dubai Expo was terminated amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. An overwhelming majority of ticketholders wouldn’t have been permitted to travel to Dubai, defeating the purpose of holding this exposition. Event organizers hope to resume by Summer 2021.