After a long day at the office or one on the road the one thing that nothing in the world beat is lying down on crisp sheets and fresh bedding. This is the reason why we all should have a favourable styled bedroom. Designing a bedroom that is both functional and stylish as well as calming could be challenging. The most important thing is a great night’s sleep, and we all know to invest in comfortable mattresses, yet when you come to think of it the interior has a huge impact when you finally get the change to relax in bed, and your bedroom should be haven you look forward to every day.

Bedroom Decorating Styles

What further increases the difficulty of designing the most amazing bedroom could be the range of options available. Bedroom designs are basically endless, while the most popular design styles include classic, elegant, dark features, colour, minimalist, glam and contemporary. The bedroom design style most people desire and often the one used by the least is glam style bedrooms.

Glam Style with Refined Elegance

Glam style bedrooms offer refined elegance, they are calming, and their simple colour palette offers a feel of luxury combined with tranquillity. Soft pinstripes often add to the glamour style suite, and in most cases, the colours used include navy, grey or white. This is the bedrooms that reminds many of a hotel-like feel with many layers of throws and cushions used to make the bed look attactive, and the textures and furniture combine to reflect the perfect classic look enhanced via contemporary touches.

Dated Style Could Be Perfectly Glam

While most associates a boutique design with that offered by trendy hotels, there is sumptuous luxury offered by even the most dated rooms. Older bedroom suites could be upholstered in brighter colours and headboards matching other furniture could provide a luscious feel. The most important aspect is to get all the furniture in the same colour which already offers a great base for adding white bedding that could be enhanced via layers of cushions matching the colour of the furniture.

Home Stylist, Chrissy Halton loves a glam bedroom that features deep colours, it makes the bedroom cozier and at the same time more relaxing and peaceful. Halton says the secret lies in the balance of deep colours combined with white bedding, while a touch of colour can be added via cushions or throws. White window treatments are great as it then blends with the deeper wall colours and at the same time matches the white linen, while it allows for easy change just via changing the throws and cushions to add more colour or reach a specific non-permanent look. Red could add a bit of romance, while royal blue could add a touch of luxury especially if embroidered velvet cushions are used, and yes it is all about glam, so gold or silver touches are great to achieve the glam look.