Sleep is one of the most critical aspects of our daily lives. It’s essential to own linens that keep you comfortable and having the most satisfying periods of sleep. Multiple fabrics claim to be the softest, such as Egyptian Cotton or Cashmere. However, we have found that Flax Plant Linen is the most luxurious. This is the same linen used in hotel chains worldwide because their durable, breathable, warm in the winter and cold in the summer. It’s also one of the highest-rated fabrics for lack of wrinkles or laundry room usage. This applies to the thinnest Flax Plant Linen Bedsheets or the thickest.

This classic linen, used far before the existence of polyester or cashmere, also has significant eco-friendly credentials. The flax plant is one of the most durable, oldest and cultivated plants worldwide. It’s biodegradable and a renewable source that requires hardly any maintenance. Those purchasing this Flak Fabric Linens can sleep soundly knowing their bed sets are sustainable. Those interest can purchase Pillowcases, Sheets and Duvet Covers in this fabric with soft pastel colours or pure white shades. Subsequently, Flak Linens are just sustainable but also perfect for mixing and matching.

One of the best thinks about Flak Plant Linens is that over time, the comfortability doesn’t deplete. Instead, it becomes softwares and stronger over time, with the natural fibres binding to each other. Unlike standard lines that can handle upwards of a thousand washes, Flak Linens can sustain ten thousand washes. Below we have listed the top ten linen sets made with Flak Plant Fabrics.

  • The Linen Works Classic Set for £280.00. Includes Duvet, Pillowcase and Flat Sheet.
  • The Piglet Luna Strip Bedtime Bundle for £350.00.
  • Scale Pre-Washed Pure White Linen Set for £150.00.
  • Healer Dusty Pink Bed Linen Set for £290.00.
  • The Wallace Chambray Linen Cover Set for £180.00.
  • The Alvarado Bed Linen Set for £105.00.
  • Ikea’s Pillow & Quilt Set for £45.00 to £100.00.
  • The French Bedroom Company Set for $140.00.
  • Anthropologie’s Stretched Linen Set from 178.00 and up.
  • The Rocket Lisbon Soft Linen Set for £180.00.