It is hard to believe what a difference scattered cushion can make to any room especially your dining room. If it looks a bit tired or just boring it might be because your living room is where everyone dumps stuff or that the continual wear and tear is taking its toll. Often the redecorating task is considered as a major project including new furniture, re-carpeting, re-painting, which could be simply solved via a few colourful cushions adding brightness, playfulness and cheerfulness to a tired space.

Stacks of Bright Cushions

All the elements of a living room can be pulled together by choosing the correct colours while it can also bring harmony to a previously mismatched room. It can be difficult to select the perfect cushions as it is so easy to get it completely wrong.


Couch with Corresponding Scatter Cushions

Often individuals purchase a couch that comes with cushions matching it, this is bad and the first step is to donate these to charity. The main goal by adding scatter cushions to a living room is to add colour, texture and brightness to a room, if these match the couch they blend in with it and in most cases makes it looks lumpy. Cushions complementing the couch of other colours already in the room to bring contrast are way more effective. What is most effective in making a drastic change is to match cushions to artwork on the walls.

Choosing A Colour Palette

The most important step in adding cushions to your living room or any other room is selecting the cushions. If you select them carefully they can pull together all the other elements in the room to provide both a harmonious and stylish look.

Living rooms have lots of patterns and colours in general, what you need to take into consideration is the patterns on the curtains, the colour of the walls, artwork currently displayed on the walls, the carpet, coffee table as well as the trinkets and vases. To enhance the look and feel of the room it is best to select your new cushion based on the combination of colours that are already part of the dining room, where creativity comes in is to subtly pull together all the room elements and to make colours exist to add to each other and complement the room.

Once you have a list of the colours of the curtains, couches, walls, and ornaments it is necessary to gain access to a colour palette, decide how many cushions you need and their colour. The number of cushions can be all in different colours or select a base colour such as white with design in different colours. Should your choice be different colours it is always best to stick to no designs to enjoy the brightness of the colours instead of designs complicating the matter.