The continuous onslaught of wildfires in California has created an unexpected housing crisis, with many asking how they will maintain their homes going forward. One developer claims to have the solution by building houses that are resistant to fires. Burdge Architects received their approval to begin development of their models, allowing for these permanent units to be available on the market by years end.

The Architecture/Building firm is creating a solution amid a threatening problem, allowing for individuals to re-inhabit their property after wildfires have depleted. For most, this will be a temporary solution, with the square footage smaller than a typical home. Individuals could live in this unit while craftsman rebuilds their original home. Burdge Architects noted that these tiny houses could be later used as offices or guesthouses, ensuring that it’s a viable investment for consumers. It’s estimated that anywhere from ten to twelve models are being created for retail.

The pricing for each model will begin at $315,000.00 and act as luxury modular units. It will have a contemporary interior that maintains high-end craftsmanship with fire-resistant construction and materials. Consumers can anticipate European Oak Floors, Custom Cabinets, Italian Porcelain Bathroom Tiles, German Plumbing and an Italian Murphy Bed with every unit. It will come in four size variations, catering to the needs of various customer demographics. This includes a 444 Square Foot Studio Apartment Model, a One Bedroom unit with 620 Square Feet, a Two Bedroom unit with a studio at 900 Square Feet and finally the 1200 Square Footage Model, which will maintain two bedrooms and a studio. There will also be an add-on garage for vehicle storage with the 1200 Square Footage Model.

The Burdge Guarantee

Burdge Architects have confirmed that every unit will be built inside the company’s factory and will be managed through their patented system that allows for build times to be reduced by 50%. Unlike most pre-fabricated manufacturers, these models will come fully completed with all electrical and plumbing included. This extends to the in-home appliances and furniture, which ensures that California Wildfire victims won’t have to go through any challenges with their purchase. It should be noted that this project began in response to the wildfires that occurred in Malibu and Wooley, with these two locations being the proof-of-concept cities for Burdge. Depending on the success of their fire-resistant homes, we could see the Burdge Brand become famous across the California State.