Not every casino is built in the same way, some have that spark of genius others are merely fantastic, and then there are the crazy ideas. Casinos can be online, land-based and even underground and in many cases, that is what adds even more charm and excitement to gaming entertainment. Casino owners and designers know that something out of the ordinary is sometimes all you need to attract thousands if not millions.

The Sky is Not the Limit

Technological advancements ensure even more weird and wonderful casino designs. Is it a bird or a plane? If you asked Richard Branson in 2005, he would’ve mentioned that it was a plane that would someday offer casino games. At the time it sounded impossible, but in 2019 Virgin Galactic will provide passengers with online casino games on the Virgin Airlines Airbus.

Praying That The Next Round Will Reward A Win

For anyone but the seals, Antarctica is nothing but a frozen landmass, but that could not be further of the truth. It is home to between a thousand up to five thousand people that stay for months on the continent. Most of the time, the people in Antarctica are researchers from other countries around the globe. The researchers are mostly on their own, while a few bring their families with them. According to records, eleven babies were born in Antarctica.

Extreme Temperatures

Still, there is not much to do apart from researching and with the temperature that can reach up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or drop 100 below zero. The options are limited, so the researchers had to find other ways to entertain themselves.

Multipurpose Sheds

In understanding all this, the researchers were allowed to build sheds that can be used by each base, although the buildings had to be used for multiple purposes. Some of the stations decided to build community centres, other dining halls and other wanted churches.

Capilla de San Francisco de Assis

The Esperanza Base built a Catholic Church, and it changes priests every six months. The church was completed on the 18th of February 1976 when the army assisted to achieve the Capilla de San Francisco de Assis. At the back of the chapel, a room was added, and this back room of the chapel is Antarctica’s only church.

Real Money Play at the Church Casino

There are no pictures to be found of the casino built onto the back of the church, although the sign on the backdoor clearly states Casino. The games offered in the casino includes a few tables and card games including craps and blackjack. You get to play for real money at the casino, and it seems to keep the Esperanza base busy. Next week we take a closer look at other strange casinos, like the Basement Casino, Underground Casino, Casino on Rails and the Casino built on a Puddle. Plus we visit the Technicolor Casino in Malaysia!