Just like the fashion industry, interior design is seems to be never ending changes in interior designe, bringing back some relics from the past, and intertwining them with trends and fads from the future. This year is shaping up to be an interesting one for interior design, as a few of the latest trends in the industry appear to showcase. If you’ve got a decorating job on the go, here are a few things you may wish to consider for 2018.

The Bold and Vintage Look

The bold and vintage look is very much in this year. If you like your reds, your greens, and blues, then this could be the year for you. The traditional “boring” palettes are going out of fashion (wave bye to whites) with plenty of colours seems to be the in-thing.

As well as your colour, it seems that getting your accessories right is the in-thing this year, too. If you’ve got antiques or anything that gives you a vintage look, it is time to bring them out. Old-school clocks, dining tables, cabinets and chairs/sofas are in-demand right now. The other they look, the better. Many interior designers are recommending avoiding painting such items, too. The more scratches and wear and tear an item has, the better. You wouldn’t have thought it, but the sky-blue cabinet (all battered and scarred) sitting alongside your red, blue or green wall is actually the look many people are going for.

Darker, Wide-plank Wood Looks

As for wood panelling (when is that not in?) going for wide-plank woods seems to be the way to go. Planks roughly 5 inches or so are in demand right now, especially amongst those who prefer rustic aesthetics to their home. They tend to make your living room or office look a lot older than it actually is, and in terms of comfort and relaxation, this is the key. Of course, if you are going to do down this route, forget the bright and bold colours. Aim for darker colours, browns, dark reds, greys or alternatively, even creams.

Brass is also making a return this year, as are other metals. If you’ve got metal finishes to your tables, cabinets and bathroom fixtures, or your lighting and kitchen units, then copper, bronze, brass, and nickel (gold or black) seem to be the way to go. Mixing metals is also popular, although you’ll have your work cut out for you there.

Aspirational Spaces

If none of the above suit you, and you want a more modern approach to your home’s design, then the aspirational look is still in. Big, open spaces, with little else in the room, are still a sought-after interior design. Just make sure that if you do decide to go down this route that you make it as you want it to be. Don’t just go down the energy, intimate or relaxed look because that is what others have done. Make sure that you make your aspirational rooms exactly what you need them to be, as you’ll feel more motivated, relaxed and happier in them.