The “ONS Clothing Store” in New York City has received an interior design upgrade from Collective Studio, an architecture firm located in the same metropolis. Collective Studio has created an entertainment stage that mimics the interior design elements used in this cultural retail store. This add-on is dedicated to hosting cultural events at 201 Mulberry Street, Nolita Neighborhood, New York City.

Those unfamiliar with this pinnacle clothing store that’s exclusive for male consumers should know it’s 1.5 Metres below street level. “ONS Clothing Store” was previously a garage before becoming a cultural icon in New York City. NYC Civilians proficient in cultural events can expect exhibitions & secretive pop-ups for the cities fashion elite.

The Collective Studio Stage at “ONS Clothing Store” references the ceramic tiles, metallic street railings, and asphalt flooring that this location is known for amongst the fashion community. Textures & dark colours are balanced by light blue colouring, which is complemented with green undertones on various surfaces.

The green undertones are applied onto wood panelling, taking the formation of Crescent Moon Flute. Behind that panelling are white-painted walls. The asphalt floor is complicated with a Black Fleece Carpet, with Blue Showcase Boxes & White Shelves covering the carpeted area. These boxes & shelves hold an array of retail items available-for-sale at “ONS Clothing Store”.

Various props have been placed by Collective Studio at their ONS stage, including a variety of potted plants & vases that complement many undertones. The few items shown on-display for customers include Shoes, Bags, Shampoos, and Pajamas. However, consumers aren’t permitted to walk across the stage. Designated individuals working for the various cultural events, exhibitions, and secretive pop-ups that’ll be held by “ONS Clothing Store”, will be the exclusive personnel permitted entry.

High-Profile Guests Only

It shows the high-profile nature of this retail location, which is meant for the wealthiest 1% in New York City, or the most proficient individuals in the fashion industry. Exclusively is the name of the game at “ONS Clothing Store”.

It should be mentioned that the “ONS Clothing Store” hasn’t revealed when their first event will be held. Those wanting to garner particular entry won’t be gifted that opportunity. However, standard shopping days allow any customers & our readers can witness Collective Studio’s stage for themselves at 201 Mulberry Street.