Living with less debt, less stress, less cleaning up and less to organizes is what most desire and should you succeed you’d be enjoying life with more energy and more money and a much greater passion for life.

The biggest challenge for anyone desiring to simplify their life is where to start. The whole idea can be overwhelming, and the decluttering journey is everything but an easy one. As a matter of fact, very few sticks to the plan, but if you are committed you could be the one finding out what stress-free living is all about.

To make it easier, decluttering experts have released a list and if you keep to their recipe your success is guaranteed. You need 5 minutes to complete each of the decluttering tasks.

•  Give one item in your home away every day and you’ll 365 things less by next year this time. One less item will hardly be missed and if you repeat it every day you are one full day closer to achieving your goal.

•  Grab a trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it. Make this challenge a time-based one and try to beat it next time.

•  Hang all the close in your cupboard with the hanger facing to the front, every item you wear can be placed back on a hanger facing the back. After 6 months leave only the clothes on hangers facing the back in your cupboard.

• 12 plus 12 plus 12 Challenge: Locate 12 items that you want to throw away, return 12 items to their home (should you have dishes or stuff from your in-laws or parents or even friends) and choose 12 items to throw out – do it all in one day and you have rid of 36 items!

• Challenge 333: Challenge yourself and your partner to only wear 33 items of clothing over the next three months. If you manage to succeed, you’ll know that you can live with so much less.

• Challenge of Four: Get four big boxes and place it in your house, mark one box trash, the next giveaway, the next keep and the last relocate. Now start at one corner of the room and place everything in a box. Once placed the item can’t be moved and you can’t leave any item where it is, every item has to be categorized. Once you finished in the room the giveaway and trash boxes must be closed instantly and removed. You now get to place the items you really want back into the room and the relocate items get transferred to where you wanted to relocate them.

• Take a photo before you start and one after and see for yourself what you have achieved via decluttering each room, and again when a room had its second decluttering session. You’d be amazed at how different and more spacious your home looks in only a few months.
Not Wanting Something is as Good as Possessing it!