Design Miami returned for its 15th Annual Edition, where the most up-to-date homeowners got a taste of what’s to come on the furniture market next year. The December 3rd to 8th event showcases various collectables and furniture throughout the Miami Art Week. It’s located in Pride Park near the Miami Beach Convention Centre, which is connected to the local museum. Those who participated in the Miami Art Week can also visit 70 exhibitions from the 20th to 21st centuries. There are even clothing displays from Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Panerai.

Attendees of the Miami Art Week participated in various programs, workshops, and panels. Contemporary artists hosted the panels in the furniture, painting, and clothing industries. The programs and workshops are themed around the years most famous artists, which include Fernando Laposse and Humberto Campana. However, the overall tone for this year was centred around the element of water. Subsequently, the 15th annual Miami Art Week was considered a significant success amongst visitors and panellists. The conceptual furniture displayed throughout the art week was found to be some of the best in the last decade. Below we have provided inside biographies on the three best pieces on December 3rd to 8th Miami Art Week.

The Highlights:

  • Salon 94 – Jay Sae Jung Oh returned to the Miami Art Week with Salon 94. The industrial designer presented the Savage Collection, which included multiple pieces designed in recycled plastic. It included fine leather, showing how wood isn’t the only viable tool for crafting furniture.
  • The Chairs – Paul Frank was honoured this year by the Moderne Gallery, where they presented various lounge chairs themed around his grand designs in the 1930s. Most of the displayed furniture wasn’t upholstered and were made from the cork material.
  • The Sofa – The final and most notable design from the Miami Art Week Festival came from Harry Nuriey. Himself and Crosby Studios teamed up to create the Balenciaga Sofa. It was inspired by recliners and clothing that have been overstuffed, giving the element of comfortability. This could’ve been a significant reason behind the tailored pieces of popularity.

Future Annual Events

The Miami Art Week Council confirmed that the 16th annual event would occur in December on the 8th to 13th. The later date is being provided so that artists have an additional five days to complete their pieces. It’s anticipated that the next art week will be centered around climate change, which could showcase some of the most exciting pieces we’ve ever seen.