Los Angeles, it’s a town famous for its modern aesthetics throughout fashion & design. After years of living in this region, one of the most notable celebrity designers is leaving Los Angeles for a new home. Jeff Andrews announced that his single-story home, which supports two bedrooms & three bathrooms, is selling on the LA Real Estate Market for $2.35 Million. This home has a square footage of 2,344 feet & centres around the sunny attributes of California.

The listing has been issued by Daniel Banchik, who works with the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Company – California Division. The listing reveals that this home was first built in 1934 with a Spanish Colonial theme. Unique amenities include a master suite with spa accessories, including an Italian Marble sink. There are also vaulted ceilings & sunken floors in the living room, creating a more prominent element of space. Whoever purchases this $2.35 Million listed home will also receive a flourishing backyard filled with luxurious plants. Entering the backyard is maintained through French doors, which is original from the homes initial build-date of 1934.

Jeff Andrews showcased his iconic Los Angeles home in “The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality, Andrews Edition”. It was published in 2019 & still is for sale today with number retailers. His home was also seen in a monthly edition of “House Beautiful Magazine”. He’d inform HBM in 2019 that when creating your home as an interior designer, there’s pressure to resemble the lifestyle of clientele. However, their lifestyles don’t genuinely reflect how Jeff Andrews lives & the interior designer has re-evaluated how to approach his living situation.

The Clients

Architectural Digest Magazine interviewed Jeff Andrews in May 2019, where the interior design would reflect on creating stunning homes for celebrities. His most notable client is Kylie Jenner, where Jeff Andrews recalled her shockingly honed intuition towards interior design. Andrews mentioned his fascination towards how she worked & absorbed some of her techniques, that Kylie’s feedback was incredible. Without her talents, Jeff Andrews said he couldn’t have grown as an interior designer. Details on what’s next for this celebrity designer after his home is sold hasn’t been revealed.