Creating a building intended to not only allow the flow of thousands of people with ease within a short period but also bringing the most needed facilities, unobstructed views and have tons of visual appeal, is no easy task. The world of sports is showcasing some of these great works of architectural brilliance, sporting not only excellent functionality but are also fantastic looking wonders, carrying themselves with panache and grandeur. These are the designs of geniuses, wonders of the world, captivating audiences and invaluable to the world of professional sports.

The Slovenian company, OFIS Arhitekti, designed this architectural wonder. It was unveiled in 2012 and could seat 13 000 spectators, meeting the exact standards of UEFA, and it is the home to the Bate Borisov Football Club. The stadium has a rare appearance resembling living cells as the dome is constructed from aluminium with splodgy openings. Contributing to the aesthetics resembling a living organism, the entire stadium dome is draped in a fabric with a skin-like appearance. The functionality of the stadium is brilliant with a rounded shape which enhances the sound, and the 3 000 square foot plaza serves as a walkway to the various parking areas which are carved into the nearby surreal landscape of forests.

Home to Bayern Munich

This world-famous design by the company Herzog & de Meuron was their second feather in their hat as they are also the geniuses behind the design of the Beijing National Stadium. Allianz Arena turned over time into more than the home of the football legends of Bayern Munich but is also a well-known tourist attraction of the city. The colour-changing façade for which the stadium is known as one of the requirements which were set for the architects of the time. An illuminated body was required but even more intriguing was the fact that it had to be colour-changing and that is precisely what they delivered. The stadium also had to be set in an open landscape, designed to facilitate a procession like an appearance when fans arrived to attend the game within the crater-like interior which the stadium brought. These elements were all incorporated within the structure, adding to distinctive appeal as an architectural work of magnificence.

London Aquatics Centre

Zaha Hadid Architects are a British architectural company known for their designs which deliver on organic-looking exteriors. When the company was awarded the design of the Aquatics Centre which would be the home to the 2012 Olympic Games, it is was already assumed that the flow of water would be core in her design. The lines of the building quickly immersed with the outside terrain of a river landscape in Olympic Park. The centre’s sweeping roof creates the impression of a growing wave. This too is a stadium of structural brilliance. No wonder that it made a list as the best-built building in the United Kingdom.