There is no better place to start when it comes to refreshing a home than the kitchen and in 2018 top kitchen trends make a huge splash! The seven top trends include mix and match finishes, all violet, high contrast marbles, wood counters, dark countertops, blue and green cabinetry, and combining modern with rustic styles.

Mix & Match Kitchen Finishes

Long gone are the monochromatic kitchens, the director of Sherwin-Williams colour marketing, Sue Wadden, says 2018 is the year that is all about mixing and matching colour, gone are the days of keeping it the same. Multicolour kitchens are one of the most popular trends of the year. Painting cabinets or base walls in dark colours such as charcoal and walls and upper cabinets in creamy off-white is seen everywhere.

Everything Violet

The colour of the year is Ultra Violet, announced by Pantone and it is already determining a major trend in all aspects of home designs. Glassware brand Goverre co finder, Shannon Zapala shared that the most popular trend for kitchens this year is the use of bold and unexpected colours. The dramatic colour of the year, Ultra Violet exudes a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Marble Contrasts

Interior Designer, Donna Mondi explains that the newest “it” look is all about making a statement via dramatic marble. High contrast bold veining marble tops make quite the statement and are perfect for creating intense drama and the marble contrasts look is goings to stay for many years to come.

Wood Counters

Interior designer CeCe Barfield, feels that wood counters are another favourite kitchen trend this year, it adds warmth while creating old-world charm. Wooden kitchen counters are less utilitarian aesthetic it feels like furniture and visually enhances the kitchen that is much more than a place to cook.

Dark Counter Tops

The order of the day is dark, deep countertops according to global design Renee from the Formica Group. Multi-coloured rust tone, dark green and black slate tiles are what intrigued homeowners. Now it is slate options designed for countertops that offer the same natural detail.

Green and Blue Cabinetry

Moody ocean-inspired shades are perfect for the new 2018 look, greens and blues emerged as go-to colours in 2017 for cabinetry. Mixed with other colours that complement wood stains or used as the dominant colour on its own, green and blue are the latest trend according to MasterBrand Cabinets, director Stephanie Pierce.

Modern and Rustic Styles Combined

Soulful is the description perfectly fitting rustic finishes such as silver travertine, unlacquered brass and modern stainless steel. It is picturesque when natural stone is combined with a honed finish left to patina naturally.