The Dyson Company, a British based corporation that’s known for producing a multitude of household appliances, announced in March that they’d developed a new ventilator named CoVent. This confirmation noted that it took Dyson Engineers several days to produce this coronavirus ventilator. CoVent was created after a significant order was obtained by the United Kingdom Government, requesting that the corporation do what they can to assist COVID-19 patients. Most corporations with viable manufacturing lines have supported parliament with their mission to curve the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dyson’s Digital Motor Technology was reformatted for the CoVent Ventilator, with the entire process taking ten days to accomplish. This period comprised of the Blueprint Phase, which took three days for engineers to complete. After the 1st phase was completed, Dyson engineers entered the 2nd stage. These required internal models are developed & shown to executives before approval, which took an additional several days.

Dyson Executives approved the final model & immediately began production on ten thousand ventilators. All CoVent’s manufactured will be shipped to the National Health Service. This follows after COVID-19 infections continue to run rampant throughout the United Kingdom, with civilians refusing to abide by social distancing measures.

CoVent Details

Dyson Engineers 1st took on this project during Mid-March. By months end, details regarding the CoVent were released to the public. It was noted that this ventilator is bed-mounted & portable, potentially assisting thousands of patients over its lifetime. Dyson confirmed that its manufacturing process is efficient & straightforward, with engineers purposely designing the CoVent to adhere by the specific clinical needs of patients with COVID-19. When the Dyson Company made this confirmation, representatives informed that 5000 CoVent’s will be donated to new institutions in lack of ventilators. This included Elderly Housing Facilities & Independent Health Institutions.

Dyson began releasing these ventilators before April 15th, with the full order having been completed by June 1st. Fifteen thousand ventilators were manufactured & shipped by the Dyson Company in less than two months. It shows the incredible capabilities behind their manufacturing process.