One of the best ways of celebrating Christmas is to ensure your table is beautifully set for the Christmas dinner. It is one of only a few times a year that the whole family are together and for this truly special occasion you can go as creative as you wish, especially if you decide on white and gold.

While the Christmas tree in most homes goes up about one month before, many hosts start planning the layout of the table. An elegant white and gold table is perfect for a large party or just a few family members getting together. It is by far the most affordable option for those on a budget since most homes already have a white dinner set, white tablecloth and white serviettes.

Achieve An Elegant Christmas Look

While table setting and decorations come naturally to some, others need a few guidelines, especially where to start. We follow one of the top designers as she gets going with planning her Christmas dinner table.

1. The heart of the table setting is the centre and once you have a striking centrepiece the rest almost shapes itself around it. If you have glass candlesticks they could be all you need at first, by lining up three down the centre you might be on your way to create a centrepiece nothing short of impressive.

2. Depending on the candlesticks you could plan on getting some scented candles, a hint of vanilla could be great as your guests take their seats, and it could give a lovely aroma to your home even before.

3. With the candles as your main piece, the nicest way to enhance the centrepiece is by using fresh cedar garland between the three candlesticks. Another great idea is low tiny fairy lights twirled in white chiffon. While the main colour of the table is white, it might be quite striking to add some green or red decorations for the effect.

4. Champagne and gold ribbons tied to ornaments are a fantastic way to add elegance to any table, although it is even more striking when used with white.

5. Why settle for only three candles, if you have more add them to the mix and create a true fest of light with smaller and larger candles all complementing each other. A simple tip if short on candle holders is to remember that they can easily be replaced by tall wine glasses turned upside down to give height to candles.

The final touches can be added via the beautiful serviettes, as with all elegant dinner tables the beauty lies in the attention to detail and when it is Christmas you are allowed to go a little overboard.

Great ideas are to make use a special serviette ring as it will be the first thing the quest sees apart from the centrepiece, and it is also the one thing everyone gets to use. Start planning your special dinner party now and have fun with decorating a truly elegant setting.