The COVID-19 Pandemic has enforced substantial changes onto worldwide economies, with civilian personnel struggling to find safe environments from humanities most deadly virus in a century. One corporation wants to assist global populations with ensuring their safety, which is being accomplished through a “Coronavirus Detection System” developed by Empatica. This Massachusetts-based company is working alongside Barda to manufacture the “Aura System”, which will be paired with a proprietary smartwatch. Whenever users are located in an indoor environment where coronavirus is situated, the Aura System issues multiple alerts. This allows users to find self-isolation zones & obtain early treatment before symptoms take on deadly effects.

The Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority is assisting Empatica on their unique wearable. Barda will play the role of validation, ensuring the system works as intended. Accomplishing this goal with make Empatica the 1st corporation to detect COVID-19 in outdoor or indoor environments. It’d revolutionize how global economies could reopen. It should be mentioned that Empatica has sold medical smartwatches for multiple years. Consumers that purchase one of their older models won’t receive the Aura Upgrade. New detection technologies are required to work in-correlation with Aura.

Empatica contracted the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority (Barda) in February 2019. They’d begin manufacturing “Digital Biomarkers” which allow for AI Smartwatches to predict respiratory infections. Testing phases started in July 2019, showing promising results. Unexpected findings determined that their Digital Biomarkers could detect when owners contracted viral infections. They’re now aiming to perfect that specific biomarker & target it towards the coronavirus.

2nd Round of Testing Begins

Perfecting their viral biomarker requires the assistance of healthcare workers worldwide. Those participating in an upcoming trial are being provided with an “Empatica4Smartwatch” that’s been enhanced with the viral biomarker. Empatica & Barda will review the research provided from participants, which is maintained through the digital cloud. This testing period will sustain thirty days & also require that participants obtain daily COVID-19 tests to ensure that findings are accurate.

There hasn’t been any other retail corporation to enforce this level of technical innovation while also increasing the rate of testing. Their efforts could see Empatica become a leading provider of Medical-grade technologies after 2020.