When it comes to the super cool boho style, you can find a couple of books written about the new bohemian trend. There is a new term for the love of plants, colors and patterns and it is the new jungalow look that is in.

The main thing is not to be intimidated, as the style created by Blakeney do not include teal as part of the design and the bold colors do not have to overwhelm the space. According to the new design that could be the trend in 2019, cool tones can work as the central focus point in any room, while it is good to balance it with warmer colors such as coral or even terracotta. Warm colors you can use throughout the house can include copper accents, orange hues or warm wood tones.

Intermingling Velvet with Less Luxurious Fabrics

Velvet is considered a luxurious fabric, a major concern is the wear and tear, yet today most of the velvet’s are synthetic and it wears nicely, plus it is really easy to clean. The perfect way to get the jungalow look is by blending velvet with textured linen or cotton, you want to avoid too formal feel. The fabric mix is a great start, yet you need to rethink your walls, what you collected over the years can now become the main art piece, the look requires an earthy vibe.

What is great about the new jungalow look is that you can mix it with modern tables as you don’t want to go too rustic. What you do need to learn is taking risks with different patterns. Striped wood and other patterns can complement each other while a mix of rustic and modern well blended can create harmony.

Bungalow combined with Jungle = New Jungalow Look

The new term jungalow combines bungalow with jungle, so it makes sense to bring a bit of outdoors into the home. Every room should feature some greenery to liven the whole room up. Arched doorways can add to the feel, rounded out it offers a special feel and adds to the flow from one room to the next.

Rustic, Different Patterns & Lots of Greenery

Adding a nook is a great way to utilize space, adding shelves under the bed area creates extra space, and your nook can work as a type of a daybed. Your terrace needs to be a space where you can hang out, where built-in benches offer both seating and storage, while it could also become an outdoors bed. It is about comfort relaxing in a condo kind of feel, an atmosphere completed by vintage rugs and lots of pillows in different fabrics to create a cozy feel. Mix warm and cool colors, use earthy elements, some modern items and bring in lots of greenery such as plants and you on your way to creating the new jungalow look where comfort and cozy collide beautifully.