When imaging what a bachelor pad looks like, certain images are sure to cross your mind. Most of the times, it leads to the stereotypical idea of having a larger than life entertainment centre, a mini bar, leather couches and loveseats, and decorations that are related to the man’s personal interest. Though more modern men who are living alone are slowly selling a new image of the dream bachelor pad, instead of the traditional look, certain new additions are adding twists and uniqueness that will make your bachelor pad stand out from the rest. Listed below are some of the new and stylish ways that men are changing up their décor to match their style and give a new look at what having a bachelor pad truly means.

Add a Collection of Art

This trend is slowly rising in art heavy cities, such as New York, for example. While more of the lavish and expensive pieces are found in bachelor pads in Manhattan, any art can end of being a great addition to showcasing what you truly find beautiful as well as creating additional conversation pieces. One of the best ways to incorporate this is by colour coating the artwork into different rooms or by adding them to a walkway or the main room which will display them beautifully.

Simplicity is Key

Sometimes colour can make or break a room. There was a time where having rooms that were colour themed were the rave at home. Nowadays, keeping it simple with neutral colours or complementary colours can make the room stand out more. A few of the most fashionable examples are having a palette consisting of one neutral colour (white, black, or grey), and two complementing colours to match.

A Dash of Leather

While leather may get a bad rep sometimes if you have pets, it can be the perfect accent fabric that makes your rooms stand out. One of the best ways to add leather into your home is to stick to the pieces are considered vintage rather than the modern works. Most of the times these vintage pieces of leather have been refurbished and have added protection to prevent cracking of the fabric and added durability – even if you do have a cat or a dog.

Everyone Likes Stone

There is a countless amount of ways to include stone in your bachelor pad, though one of the subtle standouts can be done in your kitchen or your bathroom. Adding in stone/marble countertops can easily create a finishing touch that makes these areas in your home stand out and adds a bit of uniqueness. One of the best tips is to choose a marvel counter that compliments the cabinets.

Entertainment Space

Having one entertainment space that’s made especially for guests is an incredible addition. This can even be as simple as having a sectional sofa and a fitting area to hang out, watch a few films, and maybe even view some of the artwork you have in the room as well.