The design trends for homes alternate with every passing decade, which means there’s plenty to discuss for the forthcoming start to 2020. Looking back throughout history, we can see that the 1950s favoured pinkish-hue colour palates. When jumping to the 70s, that colour palates change over to avocado and gold. Flashback to the 90s, and you have brass fixtures located everywhere throughout the home. Additional design trends from the past included having the entire house carpeted and granite countertops throughout the kitchen/bathrooms. However, the 2020s are estimated to be different, with consumers selecting a neutral set of colour palates. This falls in line with recent advancements seen throughout the 2010s.

This revelation comes after the Home and Garden television network completed a survey with two thousand individuals. These people were asked what ideas they have for home renovations in 2020, with 38% of them determining that they’ll select a neutral colour tone with quartz countertops. This prompted HGTV to recommend their readers with some ideas for home renovations. It’s recommended that light greys, thick whites, and subtle blues be implemented as neutral paints. Additional elements that pair well with these colours include light-brown wood, grey stone, grey brick, and white marble.

Current Trends

The hottest trend for home renovation in 2019 – 20 is updating the kitchen, which has been moved over to an all-white design. That trend is anticipated to end by Mid-2020 and won’t return until 2030, with homeowners selecting lite beiges and brown tones for their upcoming kitchen renovations. When it applies to cabinetry, most are selecting walnut or oak for their desired wood. However, HGTV recommended that homeowners begin selecting natural wood cabinetry, giving a more natural tone to the home.

Whenever renovating your home, take into consideration the geometric layout for the kitchen or any other room. Organic shapes and clean lines are the staples, with elements like wood panelling or woven rugs implemented as accessories. HGTV believes the best colours to select in 2020 could include classics from older generations. These include orange, green gold, pink, and turquoise. However, most home renovators won’t be recommending these exuberant colours immediately. Somebody will need to take the first step before this trend takes popularity.

Those unaware of how to renovate their home and require additional ideas can review two television shows with HGTV. The Very Brady Renovation show and My Lottery Dream House provide all the insights on new trends coming out in 2020. There’s also Self-Made Mansions, which will show the more luxurious side of home design in 2020.