Online sports betting and casino gaming is more popular now than ever before. The range of online slots continue to increase, and with good reason: Everyone loves their winning potential. The game themes are what attracts you first to different games; the bonus features get it onto your favourites list.

Romantic Era

Online casino slots offering a romantic theme include The Love Boat and Dr Lovemore by Playtech. Slots such as Secret Romance and Dream Date are games created by Microgaming. The gothic influence that started in 1811 remained stable during the 1820s up to 1837 that is known as the Romantic Era. In this Era, the feminine dress style was complimented by the aggressive male look, which might be the main reason why the romantic style dresses continued until well into the early Victorian Era.

Victorian Era

Not many know that the Victorian Era lasted as long as 64 years, the started in 1837 when Queen Victoria was crowned. Her crowning ended the romantic Era, and the dress styles change in the early Victorian Era that some refer to as the Crinoline Era. With the Era lasting for such an extended period, even the mid-Victorian Era was named as the First Bustle Era, the late Victorian Era then became the Second Bustle Era. The Victorian Era ended in 1901 when the naughty nineties era arrived.

Naughty Nineties Era

Online slots inspired by the 90s is mostly referred to as retro slots, and the blockbusters include games based on films such as Forrest Gump, The Mummy and Braveheart. The 1960s is the Era of freedom, pastel colours, music and is still called the Flower Power Era.

Disco Fever Arrives in the Seventies

By the 1970’s this Era changes into the disco fever era, glowing disco lights is in, sequin boob tubes are fashion and flared trousers are the new trend. Most remember this Era as the funky seventies, and several developers created disco-themed slots. Some of the popular slots include Disco Babylon, Disco Fever, Disco Funk and Disco Night Fright.

Yuppies Era Takes Over in the 1980s

It’s an era of power dressing, oversized shoulders are in, and everything is based on dressing for success. Lady Diana’s wedding dress in 1981 also shows puffed sleeves, and it is the start of women wearing dresses with padded shoulders. From puffed shoulders, the 1990s takes over to introduce minimalism.


No one is sure if this is when the phrase less is more started, but according to fashion, the clothes changed to sculptural shapes and the colours to neutral tones. It is the opposite of the glitz in the 1980s. Purism continues, and the fashion style on the catwalks in 2002 adds a bit more in the form of fur and animal prints. This is called the Bo Ho Hippy style, a millennium version of the 1960s.