There is a casino that is built in Constanta Romania, at the edge of what is called the Black Sea. As the story goes this casino was built in a time when no one had future insight, and none were ready for such greatness, The Kursaal was at the time was meant to be a room of relaxation. Built-in 1880 it stood close to the lighthouse called the Genovese made out of wood, At the time it attracted the crème de la crème, and soon it gained the interest of foreigners. Its glory days lasted for at least ten years before the build was torn apart by a massive storm. Its foundation became the base for the Monte Carlo in Romania, and after the storm, it was left as is until it became the perfect spot for a new casino.

Casino Offers a Ballroom & Card Rooms

The new casino was a great idea as some people already had a taste for gambling and therefore, the new one would offer gambling rooms to host several card games. It would also feature a ballroom where the fanciest dressed could enjoy dancing.

On August the 15th, 1910, the brand-new casino called Constanta officially opened, and King Ferdinand witnessed the grand opening. It was the biggest casino in Romania and if offered a substantial welcoming room, several upper levels, an interior staircase and a permanent orchestra. The gaming rooms included a showroom, ballroom and snooker halls.

The Golden Years of the Constanta Casino

Only a year after the opening of the casino, more gambling products were added, including tables, and despite the local critics, it became famed internationally. The inside was pure luxury created in excellent taste, and you could sense a touch of elegant style. It was a place reserved for only the wealthiest, and it did not take long before gamblers from across the globe travelled to enjoy the best gaming session at the edge of the Black Sea.
Fortunes were made by those called the luckiest and vast fortunes were lost by the unlucky while the ocean waves continued down below. The Black Sea is the most unforgiving of all some claimed and when the first World War started the casino was used in 1916 by the Red Cross to treat wounded soldiers.

The Casino Becomes the Stone Guardian

The Casino was bombed several times, and yet it still saved the lives of many, and it was called the stone guardian. For a little while, it went back in 1934 to its former glory when architect D, Renard was invited to attend to all the repairs. Although it was bombed in 1941 when it offered sheltering to German troops and it remained empty for another ten years. In 1951 repairs started and the Labour Party took ownership of the Casino. The casino had more maintenance and repair work done in 1989 and then it was just left. In 2007 it was rented to an investment group for 50 years, in 2013 there was a rumour of repairs, but until now none started.