The Research & Development Laboratory that works under the Ikea Conglomerate has announced its latest innovation for consumers. Named “Everyday Experiments”, this technology works through desktop & mobile web browsers. Its features include multiple design options, which will allow consumers to update rooms in their homes without the requirement of a renovation team. Space10 (The Ikea R&D Laboratory Subsidiary) has worked on this technology for a prolonged period.

Those that select to use “Everyday Experiments from Ikea” will allow this Swedish Company to collect data from their usage. This will enable the Swedish Furniture Manufacturer to compile new strategies in how their retail locations can interact with consumers. Ikea isn’t suffering substantial losses during the coronavirus, but their retail stores have become stagnant. What once made them exciting to visit on a regular occasion has become boring for the consumer. Implementing digital technologies that assist consumers in better crafting their living spaces will draw an increased presence at retail locations, while also benefiting Ikea on how their stores can be updated.

The Technology

Space10 is employing artificial intelligence with its digital design studio. It’s using Augmented Reality & Machine Learning with Spatial Intelligence. What this means is that consumers with mobile devices can give the “Everyday Experiments Application” permission to access your camera. The application will then witness the camera’s surroundings, which in this instance should be a clean-living space. Then multiple options on how that room can be updated will be offered. Select which options you think are best & see that colour scheme, new couch, TV, or bookshelf come to life on your smartphone. It’s a simple process that nearly every consumer above the ages of sixteen can use, which is the required age permission to access these applications services.

When questioned on what this application was built by Space10, the Digital Manager of this R&D Laboratory clarified that technology had become an integral part of the Ikea branding. It allows for customer experiences to be enhanced, with furnishing options they never thought possible becoming a reality. Fredrik Alec noted that the digital era is allowing consumers to be approached in new ways, which benefits both parties.