Any great restaurant or bar gets its reputation for brilliance not only from the delicacies served on the menu which is of immaculate standard, nor from the vibe which is a culmination of the personalities of the group attracted, but also due to design brilliance, something with a spectacular visual appeal. Here are some of the world’s top restaurants and bars which are beyond impressive in their design.

H.R Giger Museum Bar

This architectural masterpiece is the creation of the Swiss artist, H.R Giger. This bar delivers a unique and almost surreal experience, and the entire premises is a work of art. Every bit of space of the interior from the floors to the ceiling is covered in Giger’s acclaimed biochemical environment and the characters he designed to fit in it. Thus the entire interior of the bar is one piece of art, both inspiring and incredible. The original Giger bar opened in Chur Switzerland in 1992, and then a new Giger bar was opened in 2003 in Gruyères.

Truth Cafe

Truth Cafe is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The Daily Telegraph has nominated truth as the world’s best coffee shop, and this was with good reason. Not only does Truth Coffee deliver on an immaculate quality of only the best beans available, but their steampunk theme is impressive and captivating. The theme centres on Colossus. Colossus is their vintage Probat coffee roaster. It has all the modern much-needed electronics to deliver on an excellent final product with the visual appeal of another world. Here enjoying a cup of the best roast is more than popping in for a quick coffee, it is indeed a culinary experience.

The Bicycle Bar

Based in Bucharest, the bar’s interior is inspired by the owner’s love for bicycles. Indeed a childhood dream which entered reality and the entire restaurant is a reflection of this passion for bikes. The chairs and tables are mostly made of reused vintage bicycles, and even the lighting fixtures reflect this love. The restaurant blends in perfectly with the Bucharest old city centre and the industrial décor often displayed in its surroundings. Some of these parts used have been shipped from Great Britain, some dating back as far as 1930. Other pieces have been sourced from the oldest as well as the largest bicycle factory in Romania, Pegas. Although Pegas has been closed for a while already, their brilliant creations still amaze patrons to this vintage bar, daily.

AMMO Restaurant

AMMO is standing for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original. This award-winning restaurant is set in the heritage site of an explosives compound which was in use in the 19th century. It has a contemporary ambience and both an Italian as well as Japanese influence. The décor is the inspiration of Joyce Wang and her team at the Wang Studios, and it is based on Alphaville, a 1965 film masterpiece. Reflecting an industrial and military past combined with a modern space set away from the busy city centre of Hong Kong.