We continue to explore a range of different design style that is currently part of the fabulous trend-setters. Whether you are simply looking to re-decorate or planning for your new home, one of these might be perfect to create the perfect living space.

Directoire – Sleek, Elegant Style offering a Feel of 18th Century Sophistication

Originating from the 18th century, the Directoire interior design style feature both Roman and Greek styles. The furniture used to perfect this style is elegant and sleek with focus on a feel of sophistication. Directoire is French Revolution inspired due to the fact that less aristocratic buyers invested in the Louis the XVI decorative style and costly furnishings. Cabinet-makers scaled down and eliminated the marquetry and parquetry design in order to appeal create furniture that could appeal to the more proletarian clientele.

Instead of engraving royalty and aristocracy emblems, Directoire furniture is now decorated with Greek caryatids and gryphon’s carvings. The daybed is the most common furniture piece used and is Grecian-style inspired. The end of the daybed is completed by equal height delicately rolled and the seating is Neoclassical, which incorporates the outward carved legs and curved backs reminiscent of Greek klismos-style chairs. An antique feel is offered via the light fixture, wall sconces and table lamps while the chandeliers are most important. Directoire was hugely favoured at the end of the 1700s and continued to be a hit during the 1800s.

Machine Age Interior Design Style Brilliantly Completed via Mid-Century Characteristics

Machine Age is inspired by both industrial and mid-century modern designs, and its theme pervades the aesthetics of precision, reliability, power, speed, impersonality and efficiency of the machine. Mechanical iconography replaces organic motifs, and lighting bolts are decorated via gears. The focus of this design style is on raw materials such as exposed wood and metals, both complementing a feel of clean, sleek and cool interiors. What is most important in the Machine Age feel and design is stone floors, brick walls and stainless-steel countertops, while the style itself has a definite vintage flair.

The design is beautifully completed by train station clocks, old road signs and a mix of blacks, whites, greys and neutral colour palettes as well as metallics including nickel, copper and bronze. The Machine Age design is also inspired by naval vessels and aircraft and used in iconic vintage movies such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and Chaplin’s Modern Times.

Palladian – Perfected by Balance, Relying on Symmetry and Influenced by Roman and Greek styles

Natural arch windows are a definite way to recognise the Palladian style that also is mostly completed by curved windows aligned with the roof. Bottom windows have narrow panels that are rectangular on both sides. Creams and whites are used in every room of the house completed by greenish-blue and Palladian blue that offers a subtle contra, while the main focus remains on uncomplicated, clean lines. The focus in furniture is placed on wall décor, sofa chairs and the use of tables and the design style was started by Andrea Palladio an architect also considered the most influential person in the architecture history.