Vogue released the eight design styles most in fashion for 2019, if one of your new Year’s resolutions are to redecorate your house, these designs could be all you need for inspirations. The new trends for this year include Mid-Century Modern, Nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian and Industrial.

Scandinavian Interior Designs

The Scandinavian design is a spin-off of the popular mid-century designs and adds a minimalist look that could remain in favor for many years to come. This interior style is favored for its playful accent colors, gentle contours as well as its perfect equilibrium of organic and engineered materials. The Scandinavian furniture designs are contemporary, simple and focuses on functionality. Several of the top Scandinavian designers utilizes the principles of Bauhaus, characterized by object proportions focus, fluid lines with an anti-elitist appeal.

The majority of interiors that specializes in the Scandinavian design uses grey and white tones as foundation colors, while the focus during design is on a versatile aesthetic in the home that offers clean and fresh visuals and optimized living comfort.

Mid-Century Modern

In modern design, the most iconic pieces are still those produced in the mid-1900’s, characterized by minimalist silhouettes, refined lines and natural shapes. The mid-century modern masters include Jacobsen, Eames, Niemeyer, Saarinen and Noguchi and materials includes aluminium, molded plastic and plywood, while all units and designs are versatile enough to complement a variety of different styles. Mid-Century modern enables you to mix elements of different design styles, while the focus is on making your home look fresh. The best way to approach this design is the purist approach blended with minimalist.

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial remains a favorite and has been in fashion since the turn-of-the -century, it emphasis on the liberal use of wooden elements, exposed steel and is best enhanced by exposed brick walls. The more modern version also includes copper-tone accents and the feel have slightly shifted to a more mature and rustic feel. The industrial design ranges in decor from items with cleaner lines to modern rustic and rugged vintage with ornamentation touching elaborate. Depending on your personal taste this design can offer an almost antique look, lighter and chic look depending on accessories and the color blend.

Nautical Home Design

Positive, relaxing and warm are the characteristics that makes Nautical a great design most preferred for cottage style and coastal decor, since if reflects the beach house spirit of New England. The design style is focused on a sand colored and/or white foundation with the primary accent color being blue. Materials most used or incorporated in the nautical decor style is unfinished wooden chairs and tables combined with linen upholstery for sofas and seats. The decorative accents include rowing oars, clear jars, navigational maps, jute ropes and seashells.
Bohemian Style Interior Decorating

Bohemian is all about an avant-garde lifestyle, capturing the adventurous and carefree spirit. The perfect blend of vibrant colors, rich patterns that focuses largely on rich purple and red tones is key to the carefully planned purposefully almost messy look. The warm ambiance is created via layered textiles, which always includes tapestry, rugs, throws and lots of pillows. The Bohemian style looks best when it includes pieces that offers nomadic vibes or ethnic styles such as tribal-inspired designs, boho-chic, Moroccan flair or Southwestern inspiration, perfect for anyone who loves metallic, animal hide, and wood accents.