Throwing a Las Vegas themed party is not the easiest to tackle, but if you plan it well and execute it correctly, it is the most exciting of themes. The planning includes not only décor but also food and drinks. Even the way you set up your furniture contributes to the atmosphere and of this memorable evening. Most of your friends and family are familiar with online and mobile sports betting and gaming, which might turn the pressure on, as you want to re-create this new form of entertainment during the party.

Event Furniture & How it Makes Your Party Stand Out

The furniture to use for a Vegas-themed part should include different elements such as chairs and tables as well as props. When you start planning the party, you need to take into consideration the room in which you host the event. The furniture is essential to offer the event vibe and sometimes renting a hall is a great option, depending on the size of the game and the number of people you invite.

Design and Décor

The furniture is the centrepiece of the whole event and needs to make your guests feel comfortable to stay longer. Some parties offer real money play amongst friend’s while others just monopoly money. Some of the more significant functions use professional dealers to host Vegas-style events. The décor, design, furniture and even the food need to compliment the theme, and you could ask guests to dress accordingly. Most Vegas-theme parties are inspired by a specific era, which further adds to the exciting topic.

Invitation Designs

First impressions count, and if it is a birthday or surprise party, the invitation is the first announcement and needs to make an impression. The most popular is large playing cards or something printed to look the same. You could send a casino chip with the invitation, which can be used in the first round. This gets the guests in a real gambling mood, and they’ll gladly dress to impress.

When it comes to the event of the evening, and you want to offer something close to Vegas, you’ll need a DJ, roulette wheels and stacks of different colour chips. Adding a few slot machines ensures the success of the evening. Depending on the theme, a gambling or Vegas party could also include a type of James Bond type of theme. This would require a great selection of different cocktail glasses, a barman and even a few waitresses to add to the Bond-feel. It’s quite an extravagant theme although it adds style, class, cigars and cognac to the event.

You could offer bonuses to the best dressed, have an Elvis look-a-like to welcome the guests to Vegas and karaoke on the side. The entertainment options are as unlimited as the entertainment in Las Vegas!