Smartphone manufacturers worldwide have begun announcing their latest models for the 2020 Fiscal Year, with all announcements confirming that launches will be exclusive to the online space. Retail companies like Verizon and Sprint won’t receive new devices until the North American economy is reopened. Regardless, the latest manufacturer to announce its new smartphone is the LG Company.

Called the LG Velvet, this device will replace the G Series and focus on modernized features. Minimal information regarding the LG Velvet has been provided, with details not slated to arrive until May 7th. Teasers were released to the LG YouTube Channel, stating that anyone worldwide can join the online announcement stream for this mobile handset.

The most crucial detail noted throughout the teaser video are the rear camera lenses. Throughout the tear, four different colours are displayed across these lenses. This is an artistic decision from the LG Company, secretly showcasing the four colour options available with the LG Velvet. Those colours will include Aurora Gray, Illusion Sunset, Aurora White, and Aurora Green.

The Rumours

Details on the camera lenses weren’t provided, but rumours indicate that it’ll support identical features and megapixel counts to the Google Pixel Four. Considering the GP4 was named the best cameras of 2019, these lenses will be highly welcomed if rumours are true. It should be mentioned that the structural frame behind the LG Velvet has changed as well, showcasing more of vertical design. This falls in line with the modern design of smartphones throughout 2020.

There have been multiple leaks regarding the LG Company’s latest smartphone. Informal sources like MobileSyrup and TechRadar noted that this manufacturer was releasing a Triple-Lens smartphone supporting the Snapdragon 765 Chipset. They were considering that both these sources got the lens set up correctly, they’re more than likely correct about chipsets. Regardless of the rumours, consumers considering this handset won’t have to wait long to witness the May 7th confirmation stream.

Confirmation on the available retailers that’ll support this handset through their online stores hasn’t been provided. Considering this is a Mid-Range Smartphone, companies like Sprint and Verizon are more likely to help this handset. AT&T Customers are focused on the premium group, meaning devices of $1,000.00 or higher are exclusively permitted.