Earning a living with real estate is favoured by millions around the globe. Those not part of this profession has watched many programs on television on how the professionals achieve success. The concept of earning a living from flipping houses make sense to many, although applying this concept to sports betting, might be somewhat new.

House Flipping

The term refers to buying a house at the lowest possible value, doing repairs and renovation on the house. The renovated home is then sold at a higher cost providing a profit. Professional house flippers look for real estate properties that fit a particular profile before they invest in the house. When it comes to house flipping several factors matter, and these include the house’s market price, an estimated cost of repairs and then the projected selling price once the upgrade is completed.

House Flipping vs Betting

You might still wonder how betting relates to house flipping, although these two do share many parallels. Most professional sports gamblers first look for teams that fit the market criteria that are under-priced. Pricing models include matchups within the game, estimated return and probabilities on investment return determine the edge.

House flipping professionals assess the downside and upside by looking at the location, neighbourhood, repairs to the foundation. Professional bettors look at injuries, matchup styles and the price of the risk and return.

Avoid Irrational Behaviour

Most online sports bettors understand the principles of house flipping and the purchasing of real estate entirely. Only a few apply the same logic when it comes to sports betting, even though a similar mindset is needed. Favourite betting ways are placing bets on teams that receive a lower percentage of the total sportsbook bets.

In life, the equivalent of that would be flipping houses based on asking strangers if they would buy the property and base the purchase blindly decide to do the opposite of the percentage that is highest on the number of yes’s and no’s.

House flip professional’s most popular way of making a profit is to invest in undervalued houses in the best or the most up and coming neighbourhoods. The purchase decision is often based on the market history of the area and the improvements planned for the area.

Sports betting should be based on the team’s previous games, performances below average, opponents in upcoming games and their accomplishments. In both real estate house flipping and sports betting the one taking the risk should do his homework. Many professional sports bettors have said the same you need to make the decision based on the information. It requires doing research, taking all the information you can get into consideration and only then take a calculated risk.

Take personal preference entirely out of the equation, whether you are flipping a house or making a crucial sports bet. Before parting with your money do your homework, learn all you can about the team, their potential and make informed bets to enjoy success.