Inventing a luxury sanctuary in your own home is often thought off as an overwhelming task as well as an expense. Upscale décor and opulent furniture are what first come to mind when the term “luxury” is involved, although designing experts say it doesn’t have to be. According to some of the best designers in the world, a few small changes made with the right planning and knowledge are all that is needed to enjoy a luxurious home environment without breaking your budget.

Simplify by Eliminating All Clutter

The first step before running off to designer furniture shops is to declutter the entire house, and one of the first actions needed in creating a luxurious feel or environment is to simplify. Most people fall in the trap of overdoing rooms via accessories, and a minimalist approach might seem counteractive at first but, in reality, this is the one time where the saying “less is more” have true meaning, and it is vital in creating a luxury home.

The most difficult step in the process could be getting rid of furniture that is unnecessary. These include additional side tables or bulky footrests that add to the feel of clutter if it does not have a real function in the room it should go, which allows the rest of the furniture and the statement pieces to make a statement via the space it will have. Once you’ve tackled the accessories, the next step is to group other accent pieces in threes. For example, three coloured glass vases on the entrance table or a group of only three pillows on the sofa make a luxury statement. Only once you’ve grouped and illuminated clutter it is possible to step back and make a few tweaks and plan on items necessary to create the luxurious feel want.

Biggest Difference Could Be Pampering Windows

An easy update can often be achieved by updating the windows achieved by high-end textures and fabric. Replace blinds with stylish drapes and combined with a clutter-free environment the change will be amazing. Fabric such as linen, silk or textured drapes revitalises an entire room, especially if you opt for lighter shades that lift the room. Avoid cutting off the room, if you have high ceilings use long curtains, at the end of the day living in luxury is all about the attention to detail, which could be achieved even with a small budget, yet there can be no short-cut when it comes to attention to detail. With all the clutter removed every piece of furniture or decoration now deserves the spotlight to make sure everything is worth the attention they could claim, and therefore the drapes play a major part. If you add plants to the room, remove all dried leaves they need to look fresh and well cared for, while dust free surfaces are another sign of luxury living in a clutter-free, stylish environment.