The intuitive capabilities from engineers employed by Mercedes AMG-Petronas were proved again on April 2nd. Representatives behind this Formula One team announced that a breathing apparatus had been designed and manufacturer in less than one week. This followed after “Mercedes AMG-Petronas F1 Division” partnered with the University College of London.

Together they manufactured a breathing aid that’s capable of providing oxygen without the requirement of ventilators. This will drastically assist hospitals across the United Kingdom, who are in short supply of this medical device. It should be noted that nations like Italy and Chia used “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” devices to help their infected. These breathing apparatuses from Mercedes F1 follow under the CPAP Guidelines.

Production of these devices has begun on the small-scale, with forty delivered to the University London College Hospital for testing. Results have proven beneficial for the testing units, with Mercedes confirming that 1000+ CPAP Apparatuses will be manufactured daily by March 6th. This follows after the University London College Hospital releases results that were reviewed by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency. They approved the development of these CPAPs going forward.

The Call to Battle

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, requested that capable manufacturing facilities begin altering their line-ups for the development of medical equipment. Business analysts anticipated that a small number of companies would abide by this request. However, a large percentage of manufacturing facilities began supporting the UK Ventilator Challenge. Those include the Ford Company, Airbus, Siemens, McLaren, Williams Racing and Red Bull Aston martin. Each respective company has received orders for 10+ thousand ventilators. It’s expected that the United Kingdom will be fully stocked on medical supplies by April 31st.

Representatives with Mercedes AMG-Petronas F1 Division spoke on the manufacturing advanced. It was expressed that innovative engineers from Formula One and the University of London created one of the most mobile ventilator masks worldwide. This follows after their notable determination towards assisting their local communities. We’re proud of our team and proud to help England through these unprecedented times. It should be mentioned that Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff have both supported the decision to manufacturer medical equipment.