Corporations worldwide are actively avoiding the recognition of COVID-19, acting like business is operating under normal conditions. That’s far from the case with consumers struggling to finance their daily needs, like groceries & medications. Large percentages of the global workforce have been furloughed or terminated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, corporations are continually releasing their products in-hopes that consumers will spend the minimal funds available to them on unneeded wants.

This became evident for Brazilian consumers, who are struggling tenfold with 40+ thousand newly recorded infections of COVID-19 daily. It was announced that the Motorola Company has secretly launched a budget smartphone for the Brazilian market. This device is named the Moto G9 Plus and supports a multitude of features for low costs.

Its exterior design is simplistic, supporting high-grade metals that hold onto the 6.81-Inch Glass Panel. The back-metal panel supports a metallic finish in Red, Gold, or Blue. Powering the Moto G9 Plus is a 5,000mAh battery that can sustain a full 24-Hours with consistent usage.

Interior Components

Computing power is enabled through the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, a chipset that was previously used on low-budget smartphones like the Google Pixel 4A. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G will work in correlation with 4GB of Ram with the MotoGP while providing consumers with in-device storage of 126GB. Where the downfalls of this low-budget smartphone begin is the display quality, which is limited to 1080p. Camera modules are also limited & won’t provide crystal-clear clarity obtained with Apple or Samsung devices.

The front-facing camera is 16-Megapixels in the hole-punch format, while the back-facing camera modules include four sensors with different megapixel variants. The first is a 64-Megapixel primary sensor that supports standard angles. Then consumers have access to the 8-Megapixel wide-angle secondary sensor, which is complemented by a 2-Megapixel Macro sensor & 2-Megapixel Depth sensor. These modules enable owners to enjoy multiple formats of photography, with direct support to social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

It appears that the Motorola Company is dedicating the Moto G9 Plus for the Brazilian market. Information regarding the release for additional needs hasn’t been made. This is likely because the cost is $2,500.00 Brazil Reals. For Europeans that’s a cost of €255.00, or $300.00 in American currency.