The overall facilities and designs of casinos have changed dramatically over the past decade to stay on the mark with the demands of the new generation. The older style casinos were a bit dark, some a little over colourful and in many cases disorienting. Even the older casinos were designed that way for several reasons. Every detail, component and design are used to create the perfect ambience for casino visitors. The casino is first built and then the designer’s step in to complete an environment that will attract visitors. In some areas, the more traditional design is most appreciated, although the people that loves gambling have changed. Casinos have no option but to change with their gamblers. 
The new generation of gamblers has access to online casinos offering sportsbetting, live casinos as well as traditional table games and slots. It’s almost impossible for land-based casinos to compete with that. Even more so since mobile casinos now accommodates players no matter where they find themselves. It pushes land-based casinos to offer services that will still draw the crowd in terms of design and entertainment value. Most casino owners called in the help of professionals, and the first approach was to redesign the casino floor layout. Most casinos previously used a maze-styled design with narrow paths leading past the machines. 

Unorganized Maze-Layout

To get to the exit, you would need to use the maze-style path, pass all the slots, and it required you to walk quite a distance. It was almost a random maze in which nothing felt organized. As with everything else, there was a good reason for this layout, if gamblers planned to leave the rows of slots, they passed could tempt them to stay longer. They’d spend a little more money as they try a few spins on their way out. The maze-style casino layout is no longer used in modern casinos, now players have space to move, and the casino floor is neatly organized. Casino game players like space, it allows them to feel that they explore the options. Many studies followed and only recently it was found that the best layout is a playground type of theme, it is also much more effective than the previous maze layout. 
The reason why players visit a casino is to have fun, and regardless of the gambler age now, he or she remembers the fun they had at carnivals or playgrounds. The playground theme brings back the same feeling of joy and enjoyment, which naturally makes them want to stay longer. The new layout includes lower ceilings that offer a homey feel and the colour combination need to inspire the players. Some designers use a lighter colour combination others more colourful. One thing that remains important is a pleasant smell; new casinos know how to entice all senses.