Singleness, Clarity, Simplicity, these are the words that are used to describe minimalism in the home, it gives us vividness and power and lots of joy as it is also a sign of great art according to Richard Holloway.

If minimalism is your resolution for the New Year, it would mean you will intentionally try to live with only the things you really need. Minimalism is freedom from the passion to possess lots of things, it is intentional, it is also freedom from the modern mania, even more freedom from duplicity, it is also counter-cultural, and completely achievable.

Intentionality via Minimalism

Minimalism is indicated by purpose, clarity and intentionality, right at the core of it is the intentional promotion of the things we value as well as the removal of all other things that distracts us from what we really value. It is a lifestyle that forces intentionality, and at the same time, it forces improvements across all aspects of our life.

Freedom from The Passion to Possess

Modern day has brought us into the belief that a good life is determined by the amount of stuff we accumulate, the number of things we possess and therefore most continue to accumulate things they never need. People believe that the more things they have the closer the idea of happiness is and at the end happiness can’t be purchased for your local store.

The idea is wrong on so many levels, we all are too hurried, too stressed and too rushed plus we simply too busy, our homes are too busy, which causes a chain reaction of stressing us, and it’s too busy to provide us with a place of relaxing. Working long hours to pay all our bills, although the debt continues to increase, and we all rush from one activity to the next, while everyone is multi-tasking. Yet do we ever get all done? We always busy connecting with others via our mobile phones, while the real or true life-changing relationships escape us.

Minimalism means we rid of all we don’t need, and we don’t ever purchase anything unless it is truly necessary, which actually means you’ll be able to survive with only a third of what you have right now. Sell it, give it away or simply have it removed. Immediately your home environment is less busy or cluttered it already offers a calmer environment. If it is only the essentials you live with you won’t need to purchase much apart from food, your house remains more organised, and you get on top of your bills as they will not increase, and you won’t make purchases.

Living with less means more freedom, especially financially! Living with only what you need, not the stuff that impresses your friends only the things you truly need offers a lifestyle of less clutter, less stress which ultimately equals more freedom, more time to spend relaxing and more time to truly enjoy live!