The New York City Economic Development Corporation has announced the results for their June 2020 campaign for artists throughout the region. Named the NYC Sandow Design Festival, NYC-EGC has obtained thousands of entries from local artists. All entries were required in a poster format, which would then be displayed throughout New York City across thousands of street posts & mailboxes. The NYC Sandow Design Festival has created iconic symbols that are reused with numerous metropolises worldwide.

Standardly, artists participating in the festival have appeared at outdoor locations throughout New York City. They’d create their entry posters on-site & use local citizens or buildings as inspiration. However, NYC-ECG requested that artists create their posters inside their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic. Case counts for COVID-19 were sustaining roughly 750 to 780 cases per day, meaning artists were risking their health & safety by going outdoors.

Their lack of physical inspiration didn’t falter the posters entered into the NYC Sandow Design Festival. Uplifting & unique artworks were created, with a large percentage themed around the new world that’ll follow after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded. The Program Director for NYC-ECG stated that creative posters entered into the competition this year were meaningful & unexpected.

Local artists were permitted to engage with the NYC Sandow Design Festival. However, largescale studios were also granted access. Eighteen development studios entered the competition, with a notable percentage having the best posters. It’ll likely be a development studio that wins this competition, which inherently goes against Sandow’s core premise. The most notable artistic studios that entered the NYC Sandow Design Festival include:

  • Wanted Design
  • ICFF
  • Wanted Design
  • Design Pavilion
  • Female Design Council

Those curious to see the results of this art competition can witness them digitally, which is more meant for international viewers that don’t live in New York City. The NYC-ECG implore residents of New York City to traverse Manhattan & other local Burroughs to find the best entries seen from 2020s NYC Sandow Design Festival. Specific locations have been provided for residents, with a large percentage being kept secret for as an enjoyable scavenger hunt. Notable locations include:

  • The Poster House in Chelsea.
  • New York Cities Ferry.
  • The Oculus Centre.
  • Artistic Tile Showroom by Flatiron District.
  • The New York Design Centre at Murray Hill.