The PlayStation5 has finally been unveiled, with June 11th providing gamers countless announcements to excite themselves for the upcoming year. Considerable speculation has followed after these announcements, with respective launch dates for the console & upcoming games have not been an announcement. It’s not known if the majority of games shown will release during launch day, or further down the development line. What was detailed is the physical design of the PlayStation5, which fans have speculated since 2017.

It’s known that the PlayStation5 is supporting a two-tone colour scheme, which combines the conventional White & Black that Sony consumers are accustomed to with PlayStation Consoles. Stunning designs are factoring into the response from gamers, with most finding the Asymmetrical Round Features hideous.

Two variations of the PS5 are launching on its unknown release date, including a “Physical” and “Digital” edition. Purchasing the Physical edition will have a largescale console in living rooms across North America & Europe. The digital version of the PlayStation5 is smaller & more accessible for gamers wanting instantaneous access to their downloadable titles.

The online response seen from PlayStation Consumers has been mixed. Most have expressed their disapproval, with others noting their excitement for the possibilities. Product Marketing-esc consumers couldn’t help but notice that with the White curved metal sheeting that protects the PS5 internals, themed designed could be easily implemented. Special Editions of the PlayStation5 will be inevitable with their current design. It should be noted that a “Slim Edition” of this console will one day be released, possibly supporting a second design that’s more suitable for the overwhelming majority.

Design Disapproval

Most online critics with sources from IGN, GameSpot, Verge, and GamesRadar have expressed their disgust behind the physical design. Most noted that it’s the ugliest console from Sony in their history, which isn’t an incorrect statement. Gamers shouldn’t worry about the physical design of this console & more behind the graphical power it supports. The games that’ll inevitably be released for the PS5 will exceed expectations, prompting critics to purchase this console one way or the other. We’ll inform our readers when Sony provides updates on the associated cost & release date for the PlayStation5.