Most people know when the inside of their house needs a make-over or just a bit of refreshment, although the cost involved are often higher than their budget allows. Yet there are plenty of tricks that can add character and personality to your living room without getting you to overspend. Two Londoners that were cash-strapped and knew how hard it can be just to get -by shared how they place a personal stamp on their home.

Their tips are great for those who are renting, which often makes it even harder to add style on a strict budget. It is the smallest changes, done in the correct way that often makes changes goes the longest way.

Never Skimp on the Quality of Paint

Once you get permission to give the living room a lick of paint, nothing is as tempting as grabbing the tin of high street paint showing off the most attractive price tag. But, think twice as it is so much less cost-effective than you could expect.

The budget price pains are lower in quality and often requires several layers unless used after a separate undercoat is applied for it to make any kind of impact. For this reason, investing in good-quality paint ensures the results desired after the first coat and in the end, it costs a lot less.

Keep an Eye Out for Pieces on The Street

If you are the kind of person that is big on beverages, your living room needs an occasional table, although this doesn’t mean you need to visit your local furniture dealer in order to pick up something that goes perfectly with your current interior style. Look at other options like boxes, pallets or crates displayed correctly these can make quite the statement pieces and at the same time bring a sense of character to your home. What you find on the street can be upcycled with varnishes or paint while added details such as legs or wheels allow you to keep the industrial rustic look, which could have a bigger impact on the rest of the room than you could’ve ever imagined.

The Fun Starts Once You Upcycle with Colour

Instead of throwing out some of the old tired looking pieces of furniture only having to replace them, try reinventing them with a blast of fresh colour. For the same price as that of a pot of paint, you can create a unique and original item personalised to your style and taste. It is so rewarding and far more affordable at the same time.

Make the Charity Shop Your Hang Out

The charity shot is a tried and tested option to find great things at unbelievable prices and should you walk in at the right time you too can have an abundance of options. The options at most include from chests to trunks, most of these pieces hardly show any wearing, and once you placed your personal stamp on them they could look fantastic.