Those fortunate to have a tour of the Federer’s palace says this art-piece-home is fit for a king and in this instance, it is the king of tennis. Rodger Federer is a 17-time Grand Slam Champion, and his glass mansion situated on the shores of Lake Zurich cost €6.5 million. It’s a real piece of art, and the three-story haven wrapped in class form floor-to-ceiling features a breath-taking view across the Lake Zurich and features a fantastic pool.

The Residence Offers Three Glass-Wrapped Floor with Magnificent Lake Zurich Views

Federer calls his new home The Residence; all three floors are glass-wrapped. Each is completed via a massive balcony the offers truly magnificent views over Lake Zurich. The glass-walled palace is built on a 1.5 acres plot and offers underground parking. Plenty of room is offered to wife Mirka, Federer and his two sets of twins that includes boys Lenny and Leo and the 5-year-old girls called Charlene and Myla. Despite the glass walls the hillside location offers no insight into the home as it is ideally situated to provide the best look over the lake.

Re-Name The Residence to Residence

Developer Kamata calls this home one of the most impressive structures, designed to offer Federer and his family an astounding view no matter the room they’re in. The house is furnished in a minimalistic fashion that further adds to it majestic look. The tiered modern hillside hideaway now called the Residence should be renamed to Rodidence. This masterpiece is built in Penthouse-style and offers the perfect view anyone could ever achieve via any other design.

Rodger Federer Tennis’ Coolest Superstar

Tennis fans the world over agree that Federer is the coolest tennis player who has wowed audiences for many years. He has subverted all expectations, stockpiling records and quieted critics for more than twenty years. Some say he still shows no signs of slowing down and his level of competitiveness is unprecedented for a man of his age.

Wowing Crowds with his Fedraissance

When the legend is not on the tennis court or the road he lives in Switzerland with Mirka his wife and their two sets of twins. The odds of having two sets of identical twins are 00009 or one in 110,000, which is what Federer described as having good fortune. After suffering injuries, Federer returned in 2017 to win Wimbledon and the Australian Open. He’s also grabbing three Master titles, and again he left his fans marvelling as only the full-fledged Federaissance can do. As unfortunate as it may be for his millions of fans, Federer will retire one day. It won’t be too much of a surprise if he appears in the royal box during Wimbledon matches. Sitting in the centre of the crowd that admired him for many years and still will for his class, suavity and generosity.