Wireless Headphones have become the primary product for consuming music. All concepts of wires have been removed with these wireless headsets, which 1st followed when the Apple Company released their Air Pods. It created an influx of product design and manufacturing towards wireless earbuds. The most notable competitor to the Air Pods is the “Samsung Galaxy Buds & Buds Plus”.

These wireless headphones replaced Samsung’s former lineup, which was called the Icon-X. Samsung determined in the 2019 Fiscal Year that a rebranding of their previous wireless headphones was required, prompting the introduction of the Galaxy Buds Series. These earbuds are marketed alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 & S20 Lineups, allowing for unique features like instantaneous connection and ambient environments. This means once the Galaxy Buds are placed into your ears, they immediately connect to your handset and allow for consumers to listen to their local surroundings.

We recommend our readers select the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Their the premium wireless headphones from this manufacturer, boosting additional components like Dual-Drivers. This creates a versatile sound that supports multiple modes, including Ambient and Noise-Cancelling. It should be noted that the Buds Plus also support an increased battery, allowing for maximum usage time of eleven hours. When consumers are in a hurry, placing the Buds Plus Case on charge for five minutes will support a single hour of listening time.

The Design

Samsung Designers created an innovative & beautiful pair of wireless earbuds. Two colour models are supported, with those being Pearlescent White and Space Black. A compact design is implemented into the Galaxy Buds Case, allowing for mobility in how these headphones are used. Inside the box are multiple components to make these headphones more comfortable.

This includes Small, Medium, and Large Wingtips. Once selecting the correct wingtip, Samsung Galaxy Buds won’t fall from the user’s ear canal and can handle extensive exercise. Those wanting a product for the simplicity of using music or jamming out while at the gym, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are better suited for you. That’s because it implements Sweat-Wick Technologies to protect lifelong usage better. Purchase these headphones today for $200.00.