After decades of consumers being forced to purchase unattractive televisions, the Samsung Corporation is planning to change that. This will be accomplished by releasing two products, with them respectively being named Serif and The Frame. Design implementations into these products are meant to complement living room spaces. Consumers received their first look at these television sets after countless rumours circulating the web. The Samsung 2020 Forum TV Expo in Malta displayed the Serif and the Frame. It was confirmed that they’ll be released for the first quarter in 2021, with manufacturing processes still being determined.

The Samsung Corporations design variations with these products are substantial. The Serif is surrounded with a thick frame, reminiscent of modern era shelving units in contemporary homes. Owners could place an array of decorative items to compliment the focal point of your living room. The Serif model is being released in two colour schemes, with those being Cotton White & Cotton Blue. They’ll be available in three size variations, ranging from 43 to 55 inches.

It’s anticipated that The Frame model will sell considerably more than Serif, with this television being more reminiscent of artwork that’s hung from your wall. Two size variations are available, with the 1st being 32-inches and the 2nd being 75-inches. Artificial intelligence technologies provide owners with thousands of artwork that’s tailored to their living room, allowing for versatility in how this product is approached. Eco-Friendly Power-Units are implemented into Samsung’s Frame TV, allowing for “Art Mode” to remain active for 24 hours under consumption of 25watts.

Previous Versions

This isn’t the first time consumers have witnessed this technology with the Samsung Corporation. They’ve been working on the Serif and the Frame for a prolonged period. It was first unveiled during 2019, with two models released for that respective fiscal year. Limited capabilities were provided with the original variations of this product, forcing minimal sales of 50 models globally. Samsung has lowered the prices, enforced protocols that increase AI capabilities and limited blue-light exposure. It’s expected that sales will be considerably higher on global markets, with Samsung anticipating three thousand models sold.

It should be noted that Samsung confirmed additional size variations for these products would be released throughout the 2021 fiscal year. Representatives with the technology conglomerate pointed out that this will become the norm for television design throughout the 2020s. We’ll provide our readers with any additional updates regarding new models under the Serif and Frame brands.