Before diving straight into inviting all the big bosses over for a formal dinner party, it might be best to first get to know all the tools of the trade. While most think it is all about planning the menu, it is actually a combination of things, starting from the place setting.

Casual Dinner Table Setting

The casual place setting is easy and can be remembered by children although it is important to repeat the setting in the same format to make everyone use to it. A few things worth remembering with the casual setting is that the knife blade should always face the plate since it prevents accidents when the knife is picked up. On the left of the plate is where the spoon, drinking glass, knife and the napkin belong.

Informal Dinner Table Setting

Slight more formal than the casual dining table setting the informal table have a few things added to it, which includes an additional spoon, salad fork, and the napkin moves.
With the few items added a casual setting can be transformed into an informal setting and the napkin can actually go anywhere, and should you wish to serve coffee the cup and saucer should be placed to the right top of the soup spoons. Remember this golden rule all liquids do go on the right side of the plate leaving the left for the solids.

Formal Place Setting

If you want to impress your important guests then the formal place setting also used at wedding receptions are the one to use. The formal place setting is one of the most commonly used for business and home dinners, although the place card is more seen at large business dinners. A few more things are added to the formal table setting starting with the glasses, extra knives, as well as a cup and saucer.

The Royal Place Setting

If it is a complete dinner setting plan you need, then the royal place setting is the one to follow, this is what you would need to use for inviting the royal family. When compared to any of the other settings it involves quite a few extra items, the number of glasses increase to five and include a sherry, red wine, white wine, champagne and water glass. Forks on the left side of the plate include a salad, fish and meat fork while the knives on the right correspond and are joined by a teaspoon, soup spoon and demitasse. The serviette is placed mostly on the left side of the plate, although it seems that again you are free to place it where you prefer. No matter the occasion once you know all the settings you can attend any function and know exactly what to expect, while at the same time you could arrange either a casual, informal, formal or royal dinner at your homebound to impress even the Queen herself.