The most critical part of designing sports bars is to decide on a theme, which suggests the décor, colour and how to place memorabilia on the walls. The best venues are as close as possible to a sports stadium. If it supports multiple sports the bar could feature memorabilia of a specific sports type in each corner. A popular option is also to create zones that could enhance the visual experience instantly as visitors enter the door.

Basic Design Strategies to Keep in Mind

Individuals visit a sports bar to enjoy major events on a big screen and that is the primary attraction of the bar. It is important to make sure that the screen is visible from every seat in the bar, which determines the number of big screens the bar requires. Some of the super large sports bars have as many as 45 large screens, while sound quality is of the utmost importance.

Sports Bar Menu Creation

Sports fans or sports bar clients won’t expect a fine-dining menu or experience, the most important part is great tasting food and value for money. As long as it is super-tasty, sports enthusiasts will be more than happy with chicken wings, pizza and burgers. The main focus of sports bar customers is to have fun and enjoy the game in good company. Any menu with a sports theme is bound to be a favourite and apart from food, a great selection of beer on tap options.

Best Sports Bar Names and Catchy Slogans

The name of any business can make or break it and when you want a successful sports bar business it needs a catchy name. Some of the great name ideas by US bars are the RapidSwing Bar, SportPixel Bar, The Replay Sports Bar and the SportsMing Pub. There are also funny bar names and the funniest in America includes The Tipsy Cow. In New Orleans, the bar that gets attention due to its name is the Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. When it comes to a bit of dark humour, Lee Harvey’s Bar in Texas, which quickly tells you it is the place where you can stick to your guns. In Minneapolis, the bar title that stands out is the Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge and Tiki Garden.

There are also the sports bars with really ridiculously funny titles such as The Dirty Duck, The Ape & Apple and The Famous Cock Tavern. While on the subject the hotel with the funniest name is The Tumble Down Dick Hotel. The hotel with the longest name is The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn. Other titles to make you smile includes The Bunch of Carrots bar, The Goat & Tricycle and The Bunny on The Hill Bar. There is also The Nobody Inn, The Cat & Custard Pot Inn, The Hairy Lemon as well as the I Am The Only Running Footman bar.