Décor sins might be overlooked by family and forgiven by friends, but when it comes to selling your house, some interior styles will attract prospective buyers, while other will instantly put them off. The one style that is more off-putting than any of the other is furry toilet seat covers while granite kitchen top seems to seal more deals than not.

An online survey revealed both surprising and unsurprising results when individuals were asked how interior trends from the past era would influence their decision to purchase a house. From the fifty different interior trends mentioned in the online survey, the seventies were criticised most with 44% voting the once adored furry covers used in toilets where one of the biggest no-no’s and in most cases would put them off from jumping at the chance to buy the house.

Neoclassical Interior Taxidermy – Belongs in the Past

With a 38% vote, the second most hated décor style was the neoclassical interior taxidermy, which was followed by spray-on ceilings also known as acoustic, cheese, cottage or popcorn ceilings and added to this where the once high fashioned wavy plastering. What was quite surprising was that velvet sofas ended up in the bottom five, especially since the plush fabric remains in style and have had many revivals.

Time to Hide Animal Prints and Beaded Curtains

Another list of interior or decorative styles that voter’s thought should remain in the past where they all made a bit of an interior fashion statement are pebble dashing, deep shag pile carpeting, animal prints, acrylic furniture and, yes beaded curtains are not a favourite anymore.

Granite Remains a Hit

With a 37% vote, it is clear that one style claimed its place for a lifetime, which is granite worktops, it could be one of the most favoured interior decorating styles as they remain a hit and loved by potential home buyers. Other that gets the thumbs up include French windows, conservatories, feature walls and laminate flooring.

Interior Trends Loved by Home Buyers

According to the survey it is in bathrooms where most of the no-noes are visible while kitchens are often the most stylish of all rooms in homes. While the interiors are changeable, it is the money and time it costs to do makeovers that put potential home buyers off.

When it comes to a property suffering from tasteless décor, not many actually understand what an incredible impact it could have on buyers. There is no doubt that natural, is the current trend and therefore homes with slate tiles and wooden floorboards are amongst potential home buyer’s preference. One thing anyone should consider before inviting viewers into their home is to rectify any décor faux pas or to neutralise most, or it might put off buyers. Great tips from real estate specialists are to remove the seventies from your décor as much as possible and to bring in as many natural elements as the current situation allows.