Casinos are no stranger to modern-day living. Gambling and casinos are being legalized at a tremendous speed globally, but what few ever suspect when they walk into a casino is the massive amount of psychology behind every little bit of detail you face as soon as that you enter the premises. Let’s explore the magic behind the colour green and why it is so commonly seen within the industry.

By no means do we want to suggest that when casino interiors are designed, that the ultimate purpose it to manipulated clients, but ultimately the casino management needs clients to behave in a certain way, willingly, to make an existence? Hence every bit of décor, every combination with which you are faced, are planned into the smallest detail, with a purpose to obtain results.

The Color of the Tables

Overtime casino goers became accustomed to some aspects on the casino floor. One such simplistic element with a significant impact is the colour of casino tables. These tables are predominantly green; it is easy to accept that green is just the industry standard. Yet, the industry is capable of producing any colour tabletops, but green as a colour has proven itself to be psychologically calming. It is a colour linked to relaxation, and that is what the casino managers want. A stressed-out player next to the table is not going to benefit anyone. Casinos want players to feel calm and relaxed and almost at home when they enter their facilities. They want their clients to stay a bit longer and return often, and that is what they manage to achieve with something as simplistic as the colour of their tabletops.

Green represents stability. On the colour spectrum, it is precisely balanced between the much warmer colours like orange, red and the fresh colours on the other side of the range of blue and purple. This calming colour aids players to feel much more relaxed in the environment, which could be considered to be very intimidating in many ways. Not only are casino patrons often faced with confined and crowded spaces, but also the number of flashing lights and constant noise can contribute to them cutting their stay much shorter. This is not beneficial to the casino; hence, they balance these factors out with the calm presence of green tables.

Green is also the colour of the light indicating you to go ahead at a traffic light. It reflects a positive affirmation that you can proceed. Almost as if green is a call to action, urging the player to take that step and go ahead. In certain cultures, the colour green is also associated with prosperity. It can be linked to financial security in the same way that banknotes are often green — just one example of how every little detail is well thought through.