Purchasing property has become challenging in the modern era. Homes have become considerably more expensive & forced younger generations to rethink how they approach their living circumstances. One of the most effective and accessible ways to obtain property without spending an influx of funds or receiving a mortgage with a bank. Multiple manufacturers have their innovative designs for tiny home living.

Most recently it was “In-Tanta Creative Studio” from Barcelona that announced their latest model. It’s named the Tenzo and will cost €40,000.00 after taxes. Considering that most Trucks & Premium Cars cost more than the associated price of this tiny home, it’s perfect for younger generations. It sustains functionality and modularity, meaning customization options for consumers. Availability is exclusive to consumers in the European Union.

The Tenzo is an environmentally protective model from In-Tanta. This is possible by removing the conventional foundation cement used with traditional homes. Recycled materials are used to ensure that the earth wasn’t polluted in the process of manufacturing this home. However, shipping this Tiny Modular Home will prompt extensive pollution depending on where it’s going.

The In-Tanta Creative Studio claims that six people can live happily & spaciously in this tiny home, which comprises of 430 Square Feet. It’s 13.5 Feet Wide, and 32 Feet Long. This is considerably large for a little house but not enough for six people in one space. Most municipalities in the European Union don’t support this level of human consumption in such a small area. Subsequently, the Tenzo is more suited for two or three individuals.

Details Inside the Tenzo

Those purchasing the Tenzo receive three bedrooms, which are accompanied by two bathrooms. An open concept is implemented between the living room & kitchen, with a sliding door separating the two spaces. Multiple windows flood the 430 Square Feet with natural light, which is perfect for eating breakfast on the pre-installed table with four chairs. Included with this purchase is a Microwave, Freezer, Dual-Burner Cooktop, Sink, and Refrigerator. This extends towards a pre-installed 2.3-Foot Sofa Bed. Accounting for all these attributes with the modern design creatives a desirable tiny home.