Interior design has been growing in popularity since 2018 began. While it adds a much-needed personal touch to make your home have a personality, it is undeniable that a stunningly decorated home can serve multiple purposes such as being functional and creating a certain mood. However, to ensure having a successful decorating experience, it is recommended to focus on the functionality, mood, and personality of the room to guarantee pleasant design choices.

Before you run into the closest store to buy the paints and the new furniture, it would help to sit down and just think about you and your family daily lives. Study different interior design magazines and shows and make a board or a mental lost of looks you like, why you like them, and if they would be practical for you and your family. After you have a solid idea of what you want to do, you can finally begin the official process of redecorating a room.


While aesthetic appeal is important, decorating is more than just that. It also includes setting up a room in such a way that it is livable and works for your needs exclusively. It would help to find a focal point in the room or focal points depending on the room and the look. Though these can be anything ranging from house plants, artwork, a fireplace, window, or even just an eye-catching rug.

The furniture you choose plays an important role as well in determining the functionality. Make sure whatever piece you choose fits into the room, can be used realistically, and will be built to hold up against your plans for it whether it be constant usage or durability from the kids and pets. Plus, furniture arrangement is just as vital as you never want to struggle and have to rearrange your furniture so much that it is nearly unlivable.


The mood of a room is created by a handful of factors, such as the colour selection, lighting, textures, or furniture selection. Creating a mood can be dicofol since so many things to go into it, it would help to create an inspiration board and pick out the ways the mood was set rather than taking on the challenge yourself. Many experts do believe that having a preplanned idea of the patterns, textures, theme, and a single inspiration piece is all that is needed to capture the mood of the room and the home successfully.


It’s your time to shine and truly make your home feel like your own. The best way to add personality is to incorporate items that are personal to you. Some of the most classic ways are adding a wall of photos from your life, adding personalised accessories into a room (vases, pillowcases, etc.), or by just being a wildcard and surprising anyone who enters into the room by adding something like a painted ceiling.