Canadians living in the Greater Toronto Region have witness an unlikely character since March 2020. A local inventor from the Canadian metropolis has travelled the subway numerous times every day, wearing a largescale helmet that avoids contraction of Covid-19. This inventor, after eight months, revealed that profits for his corporation, which sells this Hazmat Helmet, has evoked hundreds of thousands in earnings over a short period. Individuals that’ve witnessed this individual have suggested that his odd clothing is off-putting for children & that Hazmat Helmets aren’t welcomed. Yezin Al-Qaysi hasn’t listened to the negative criticism evoked by Toronto residents while he’s travelled via subway. His concern has been continued protection for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hazardous materials are avoided by wearing this Helmet, with Yezin confirming that over eight months in unfavourable conditions, he hasn’t contracted the virus once. That’s possible because this Hazmat Helmet encloses the head & upper torso. It ensures that even when being located in-front of the coronavirus, contracting the sickness won’t be possible—using these Helmets guarantees safety for yourself & medical workers. It’s been highly adopted by hospitals in Central & North America for Yezin Al-Qaysi.

Fear for Torontonians & Profits for Yezin

Multiple elements when into the design of this product, with Toronto’s newest inventor adding a “Filter Respiratory System & Battery-Powered Fan” to ensure that stale air leaves the Helmet. Clean air is sucked into the Hazmat Helmet, and purified via the FRS. It should be mentioned that anyone wearing this protective gear will look from a dystopian setting and will likely scare locals into thinking that you have Covid-19.

Yezin himself admitted that numerous women & children have screamed when bearing witness to his outfit, but that those screams are minimal in comparison to his safety from the coronavirus. It doesn’t matter what anyone says now that Yezin Al-Qaysi confirmed that he’d maintained $150,000.00 in sales since March 2020.