Ireland’s architectural growth has increased drastically in recent years, prompting a revolution across prominent cities like Dublin. Announcements regarding new developments are made regularly, with the latest coming from Urban Agency. Confirmations were made that Dublin’s Dock Mill is receiving an extension. The original Dock Mill stands 50-Metres & is considered one of Europe’s tallest timber buildings, with this extension slated to sustain Thirteen stories. Lioncor, a commissioning corporation approved property development of the wing.

Urban Agency described that Dublin’s Dock Mill would include flexible materials & art sustainability. Co-Founder Maxime Laroussi mentioned that their extension would improve Ireland’s Silicon Quarter & prompt a revolution that centres around sustainable criteria. Materials being employed to guarantee sustainable criteria is met; Urban Agency is constructing the extension with cross-laminated timber. Using this material also assists with time efficiency for this property development project.

Individuals familiar with Dublin’s Dock Mill know the industrial façade is an architectural standpoint, bringing hundreds around the neighbourhood for housing opportunities. Docks used decades ago in Ireland have become prominent housing locations, with Urban Agency strategically creating Offices & Apartments for rent in the extension. Upgrades are being made to the original building, allowing for the updated façade to sustain symmetry.

Architectural Changes

Confirmations were made regarding notable changes to the building’s architecture, with Urban Agency revealing that parts of the roof are being removed & CLT Columns will replace structural standpoints. Gardens will be designed below the open roof, permitting greenery around the office spaces & apartments. Urban Agency also confirmed that the remaining roof would sustain garden spaces during winter, with a glasshouse encapsulating plant life during the holidays. Using this method ensures that living plants in the bottom-floor garden will continue their livelihood in the greenhouse. Few apartment & office complex’s in Ireland sustain this eco-friendly level of living.