Virtual Reality is one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century. Most presume that this technology is exclusive for video game entertainment, a fact that is far from the truth. Virtual Reality is used in numerous professions, including the Medical Field and Home Renovation. One of the best ways to master an upcoming redesign of your home is with virtual reality headsets. They place homeowners into a virtualized 4D-Space of their home, which is completed with numerous makeover options. This variation of VR first became famous on Your Home Made Perfect, a television Series from the BBC.

Home Renovation VR enables multiple configurations of your home to be seen. It shows simple factors like how lighting fixtures will change the feel and look of a room throughout the day. These renovation programs have unique features where walls can be removed or rearranged. Subsequently, imaginations are stretched to their limits, and new ideas are provided. It should be noted that this program can be costly, as its primarily used amongst design retailers and architects. Fiscally responsible homeowners can acquire the assistance of these associated with an appointment fee, making the process considerably cheaper. Currently, more than 200 renovation services are maintained in the United Kingdom and 500 in America.

The Renovation Firms

Multiple renovation firms provide unique services, enabling them to set themselves apart from competing companies. One of those, Life Kitchens, maintains a virtual reality theatre for 360-degree exposure. It’s designed specifically for the renovation of kitchens, with 4D-Technologies creating diverse layouts and schematics. Another infamous designer is Hilary’s, who maintains a visualization application for shutters and blinds. There’s also the Timothy Oulton Furniture Company, which maintains a 4D Renovation Program, allowing for consumers to alter any room in their household. This is the program most commonly associated with designers and architects, making the consumer’s renovation lifestyle far more accessible.

The Testers

One of the first couples that used this technology on Your Home Made Perfect was James and Vicky. Located in the Kent Region, they used VR Renovation Services to redesign their home. James noted that these services enabled them to create ideas that brought out the potential for their older home. Bolder choices were selected for paints, furniture, and home accessories. The program also enabled them to improve the limited space of their 1970s home, allowing the couple to create a space perfect for starting a family.